How it started

Welcome to the GrindD! I'm Erika. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been intrigued by the 'hows' and the 'whys' of this world. My parents even said that I’ve dreamed of becoming a journalist since I was 2-year-old. A path natural for someone as curious
as me.

After a few experiences, I became the first Black journalist of a national Canadian newspaper. A job that got me the attention of entrepreneurs who needed help with their storytelling and branding. So, I happily offered my services as a side-hustle until I decided that I wanted to learn more about marketing.

I then landed a job in the marketing field and became the first Black female director of content of a major marketing agency in Canada, handling brands such as Hennessy, Veuve Clicquot, and others.

"Although both of these jobs were good on paper, well... that’s all they were. They helped me answer many 'whys', and many 'hows', but the most important thing I've learnt was how much equality was vital to me."

I didn’t want to help unethical businesses grow; I wanted to help the people who have been surrounding me all these years: creatives, marketers, and service-based entrepreneurs. People without the resources to hire someone like me, but who, in my eyes, deserved all my attention.

For two years, I saved as much as I could to launch my business, and just when I was ready, I met Diddy, a multi-talented creative, who helped bring my vision to life. Illustrator, graphic designer, and web designer, Diddy is a geek who loves to feed on knowledge.

My words are his inspiration, his spirit is my motivation, and together, we give you the GrindD.

Welcome to the family.

Who's Imp?

Across this website, you might have noticed this strange little monster: his name is Imp. Short for Imposter Syndrome. 

He became our mascot when we realized that every entrepreneur has to deal with imposter syndrome, and we want to change the conversation around it.

Imposter syndrome will most likely emerge when you're facing a new challenge, whether it'd be when you're raising your prices or hiring someone with significant years of experience. But it need not be a bad thing. A challenge is a sign of growth, and as an entrepreneur, you WANT to grow. 

So, when Imp comes by, all you have to ask yourself is: are you up for the challenge?

Let's be honest... how could you say no
to Imp?