A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing with Milou Pietersz

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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. With an impressive number of 1 billion users worldwide, it became the place to connect, entertain ourselves, but also to do business.

As a creative, marketer or any type of service-based entrepreneur, you probably know that Instagram can help you grow your business. But mastering Instagram for business can be hard, especially when you have to keep up with the trends with the ever-changing platform.

That's where social media manager Milou Pietersz comes in. In this course, she takes you through the ins and outs of Instagram marketing in an actionable, clear-cut way.

What you'll learn: How to get the best results with Instagram, how to adjust your strategy based on performance, the type of content you should experiment with, how to grow your business with your community, how to create and optimize your Reels for success, the ins and outs of hashtags that will allow you to maximize organic traffic to your Instagram page, building an engagement strategy, and a complete guide to Instagram analytics.

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Meet your teacher

Milou Pietersz is the founder of Simply Media Advertising. She helps service-based businesses take their social media to the next level through organic social media strategies. She has helped entrepreneurs, businesses, and start-ups in over 10 different industries reach their social media goals.

Throughout the years, she has developed a methodology that helps her clients get results with content and hashtag strategies.

If you want to know how to use hashtags on Instagram to grow your audience, listen to this podcast episode.

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