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How to rank your website on Google? How to find keywords for your website? How to attract the right audience with SEO? As a solopreneur, you probably know that SEO is detrimental to help you gain visibility online, and therefore grow your business. Nonetheless, understanding SEO is another story.

That's why Tedi Bezna created a complete course that will help creatives, marketers and service-based entrepreneurs set up, track and measure SEO success.

What you'll learn: Why you need SEO for your business, elements of SEO, how search engines rank content, understanding the tech aspects of SEO (crawling & indexing, site speed, site structure & planning, code-free optimizations), how to find your ideal keywords, keyword research tools, how to use keywords on your site, how content supports SEO, types of content you need, creating an SEO content strategy, the importance of NAP, how to use Google my business, optimizing your service pages, elements of e-commerce SEO, how to set yourself apart from the competition, data & reporting for success, how to measure SEO.

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Meet your teacher

Tedi Bezna is a digital marketing and SEO professional who is passionate about helping businesses achieve new levels of online exposure and scalable growth. As the founder of Tedi Bezna Digital Marketing, she has extensive knowledge in search engine optimization & content and helps develop customized digital marketing strategies that improve a business's online presence.

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada, Tedi is a third-generation entrepreneur and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Communications from Royal Roads University. Beginning her career as a digital marketing manager at a startup company, she was inspired to establish her own digital marketing company and help other businesses scale and grow their online presence. Fast forward to today, in the last three years, Tedi has supported over 75 businesses with their SEO and content strategies.

As a passionate professional, nothing makes Tedi happier than helping organizations thrive and become noticed within the online world. She can translate business priorities into quality marketing strategies and is committed to building her agency on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and trust. Tedi aims to empower her clients with in-depth insight and clarity every step of the way while implementing marketing strategies that are tailored to their goals and needs.

When she’s not working, you can find her exploring the beauty of Vancouver Island, spending time with her husband and children.

Wondering how to show up on the first page of Google? Listen to this podcast episode with Tedi Bezna.

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