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Growing a business online without a clear content marketing strategy is like visiting a country without a map. You need direction.

It doesn't matter if you are a photographer, illustrator, marketer, VA or any sort of service-based entrepreneur, if you are using any marketing platform to promote your business, you need a content strategy. 

In this course, Erika Peter teaches everything you need to know to build a strong content marketing strategy that will help you reach your business and marketing goals. 

What you'll learn: The foundations of a content marketing strategy, how to use your business goals to create your content strategy, how to develop your content marketing strategy with different tools, how to find content ideas, how to build a content creation framework, how to repurpose your content and how to track your content for success.

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Meet your teacher

Erika Peter is the founder of the GrindD. For over 10 years, she worked as a journalist in France and Canada, where she became the first Black journalist in a major French media.

After building a side hustle helping entrepreneurs with video marketing and personal branding, she decided to learn more about marketing. She then became the first Black female head of content of a major marketing agency in Canada handling brands like Hennessy, Veuve Clicquot, Del Monte and others.

Throughout the years, she built content and influencer marketing strategies that helped brands like Del Monte triple their sales. 

Although she enjoyed her experience, she realized that there was a need for creatives, marketers and service-based entrepreneurs. People who didn't have the resources to hire someone like her, but who, in her eyes, deserved all her attention.

She then decided to launch the GrindD. With this platform, she hopes to help as many creatives, marketers and service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses with affordable courses and a community.


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