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Taken as a whole, Amrit aims to empower you to become a well equipped and scrappy ethnographer and UX researcher for your team, business and organization. Through the power of thoughtful, empathetic ethnographic investigation, those enrolled can confidently hone their insight mining skills.

What you'll learn: Amrit breaks this course into 5 digestible chapters: The What (what is ethnographic research and identifying your specific business, research and end goals), The When (understanding appropriate uses and when not to use this approach) The How (outlining various ethnographic methodologies and how to select and carry out the right approach for your business needs), The Who (selecting participants, understanding intersectional identities, and centering the role of the interviewer/facilitator) and The Why (transforming raw data points into insights).


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Meet your teacher

Amrit Dhillon is a human motivations, insights and behaviours researcher. Today she works as a UX researcher in the Canadian tech space. She comes from a professional background as a market researcher, innovation strategist, sociology consultant and senior research advisor. As the host of the The Shadeism Series, Amrit is passionate about uncovering the deeper why behind human behavior. 

Her investigation into shadeism began during her graduate studies, where she was the first Canadian grad student to tackle the topic of skin lightening among Canadian South Asian women.

Her groundbreaking research went on to win national awards, scholarships and receive media recognition. Her ability to conceptualize and understand the lived reality of those around us is what drives her ethnographic approach in the professional setting.

In her career, she has helped clients in every industry gain a deeper understanding of their end-users, their motivations, journeys and drivers by applying an empathetic, business-focused approach to problem-solving. 


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